Credits: bass, mandolin, guitar, guitarrón, banjo

Gamblers and Fancy Women
released Nov 4, 2016

Gray Reinhard: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, accordion, harmonica, organ, bodhran, melodica
Clinton Curtis: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums
Blaire Reinhard: vocals
Dru Mclean: drums
Justin Goldner: bass (2,4,5,10)
Courtney Hartman: acoustic guitar
Geoff Countryman: saxophones, percussion

All songs written by Clinton Curtis, Gray Reinhard and Blaire Reinhard
Produced by Clinton Curtis, Gray Reinhard and Blaire Reinhard
Engineered by Gray Reinhard and Matt Stine (Masonry Recording, Hoboken, NJ and Let Em In Studios, Brooklyn, NY)
Mixed by Geoffrey Countryman
Mastered by Tyler McDiarmid

Getaway Car
released Oct 21, 2016

Clinton Curtis: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Justin Goldner: bass, guitarrón, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin
Gray Reinhard: electric guitar, piano, Hammond organ, melodica, vocals
Tom Curiano: drums
Matt Stine: electric guitar, theremin
Grace Mclean, Blaire Reinhard: add’l vocals

All songs written by Clinton Curtis, produced by Clinton Curtis and Matt Stine
Engineered by Charles Burst at Seaside Lounge Studios, Brooklyn NY
Mixed by Matt Stine, 27 Sound Entertainment. Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions

Curtis & Reinhard: At The Pigeon Club released May 8, 2012

Justin Goldner – bass, mandolin, banjo, guitar, mellotron, guitarrón
Clinton Curtis: vocals, guitars, piano, drums (13)
Gray Reinhard: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Blaire Reinhard: vocals
Drew McLean: drums, percussion
Tom Curiano: drums (1,4,7,12)
Ezra Brown: saxophone
Igmar Thomas: trumpet
Justin Levine: piano (13, 14)
Matt Stine: electric guitar, percussion, design

Music & Lyrics by Clinton Curtis, Gray Reinhard & Blaire Reinhard
Add’l songwriting (10) by Justin Goldner
Produced and mixed by Matt Stine
Engineer: Wayne Dorell
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper