Album: Una Passeggiata
Artist: The Subdiversity Band
Credits: composer, arranging, bass, bouzouki
Released: Jun 17, 2008

Recorded live in New York City:
May 13, 2008

The culmination of several forays of travel in Europe and the Middle East, Una Passeggiata celebrates differing reflections of Mediterranean culture, like shadows cast upon disparate lands by the same sun. Blending a lyrical melodic sensibility with Balkan-influenced grooves, jazz harmonic richness and a soulful sense of vibe, the album features original and reinterpreted compositions and arrangements by Justin Goldner and guitarist Brad Shepik, as well as the playing of John Beaty, Jordan Perlson and James Clark.

Justin Goldner – bass, bouzouki
John Beaty – alto saxophone
Brad Shepik – guitar
James Clark – piano
Jordan Perlson – drums, doumbek
Recorded and mixed by Chris Zembower